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Thought I would say hello, as new to the Forum.

Created by Phoenix Rising 9 months ago, 11 Jul 2018
Phoenix Rising
NSW, 3 posts
11 Jul 2018 7:50PM
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Well I have taken the plunge and joined after reading many interesting posts on here, over a long period of time.
I realize after reading on here for so long, there is some much experience and knowledge on this Forum.
Best of all people are so helpful and giving of their knowledge and experiences, so thought best to join and hopefully learn more myself as looking at buying my own small keeler soon?

I have been involved with sailing since I was a Kid learning to sail up at Port Macquarie Sailing Club, learning on Mirrors, NS14s and a number of different cats.
I moved to Sydney for work in 1985 and have raced a number of different boats over the years such as Laser's, 14 and 16 skiffs, Magic 25s and working my way up to Yachts out of the CYCA .

Loved my offshore racing and harbour twilight's and winter series sailing on boats such as Sagacious V, Wild Oats 1, Inn Keeper, Never a Dull moment and Team Jaguar (Infinity 4).
Then a change of career and birth of my daughter changed my priorities, so have only been doing social Harbour sailing now and then for the last 10 or so years (How time fly's).
But now I have more time to myself it's time to get back into my sailing.
Starting off with helping a good mate (plus him teaching me navigation skills, hopefully) sailing his Bavaria 37 from Apia Somoa to Nadi Fiji doing 4 weeks island hopping.
Looking forward to learning heaps and hopefully meeting up with some Sydney member's sometimes.
All the Best
Phoenix Rising

TAS, 2075 posts
11 Jul 2018 7:55PM
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Hi Phoenix

Welcome to the forum

Regards Don

QLD, 1537 posts
11 Jul 2018 8:39PM
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G'day Phoenix,
Echo what Don said, welcome to you.
I'm doing my RYA Nav theory course at the moment, so you're not alone.
I'd forgotten how to plot a tidal curve, so I spent a couple of hundred bucks for the whole course (its been 10 years since I did it) and am enjoying the refresh training immensely!

NSW, 1378 posts
12 Jul 2018 10:26AM
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Welcome Phoenix. Yes, a great bunch of guys on this forum, chatty and informative. Enjoy.

QLD, 1104 posts
13 Jul 2018 2:52AM
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Welcome Phoenix

Phoenix Rising
NSW, 3 posts
18 Jul 2018 6:31PM
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Thanks for the welcome , Guys.
Very much enjoying the forum and learning a lot

TAS, 298 posts
18 Jul 2018 7:33PM
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Yeah welcome Phoenix! Great bunch of people here and very generous with advice and all. I also find the act of focusing on the question I'm posting here is valuable too.

QLD, 11001 posts
18 Jul 2018 11:20PM
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Hey Phoenix Rising, welcome and as others have said you will get the goods here.

We have another long term member from whom we have not heard in a while. He be Phoenix Star.

NSW, 884 posts
24 Jul 2018 6:35AM
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Welcome Phoenix. Happy adventures!

Phoenix Rising
NSW, 3 posts
25 Jul 2018 1:23AM
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Thanks for the welcome Mc Nautical
Very much appreciated
As a long time reader, I hope you are feeling better and back to your sailing best!
Your ability to overcome adversity is nothing short of amazing, You have my Respect.
Hope to meet you some time out on the water.
Phoenix Rising


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"Thought I would say hello, as new to the Forum." started by Phoenix Rising