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Created by Herreshoff 1 month ago, 14 Aug 2017
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14 Aug 2017 1:08PM
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G'day, just wanted to get the word out there about the newish site Zulu waterways, for those who don't know it already. If you haven't heard of it, it's an easy to use way of sharing sailing destination information and staying in touch with other sailors. Would like to hear feedback, but I'm mostly wanting to encourage more sailors to get involved and help build the site into a useful tool for all of us who travel the worlds waterways.

The intro video in the FAQ section of the site explains the functions.


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14 Aug 2017 2:29PM
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Hadn't heard about it until your post, I like it!
I take it your the developer?, or involved with it somehow?

Its very similar to Active Captain, which I believe was sold to Raymarine or Garmin. It never really took off in Australia.
This looks better than AC, with better features & some basic local info added already, albeit with poor spelling & not 100% accurate info (that will no doubt be changed by users sooner or later), some of the info is accurate.
I have found two problems with it already (I know its only version 1.0.0), the first one being a 'deal-breaker' for me....there is no Privacy Policy that I could find?? All users can see your email address when they look at your user profile/details, this is unacceptable.
The icons on the map are cluttered & on top of one another, which means you must scroll in very close to 'de-clutter', the AC system is cleaner.
I hope it gets traction, as the potential is there to be a very useful resource.

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15 Aug 2017 10:13AM
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Hi Blue moon, and thanks for checking it out and for your feedback.
Yes, I am involved, just me and my sailing partner. We are sailing the East Coast of Australia at the moment (currently in the Clarence River). We developed it together with the help of some programmers overseas.

Interesting point about the privacy settings in terms of having users email addresses viewable in the profile section. It is something must address. It's simple for us to add the option for users to 'hide' their email address if they choose. This is a simple fix but thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Concerning the 'de-clutter' option, you should see that you can open the 'filter icons' menu on the side of the screen. From here you can choose which icons you wish to have open on the map. If you wish you can 'deselect all' and then tick which ever icon types, you require. Concerning the information added, anything added can be edited by other users, so as you said, I hope that with time users will begin to iron out any inconsistencies that may appear in the information. That's the whole idea really, that users work through the information, adding and editing where it is needed to produce a database of accurate and useful information. Like Wikipedia. The ability to edit the base information in the information icons is an important feature and I want users to feel ok about doing so instead of feeling they are steeping on another user's shoes in doing so. I will venture to make this clear to all users. (please make any changes to bad information you noticed). As for the poor spelling. Some of that is probably me, I'm a shocking speller, I will look to run it all through a spell check in the future.
Thanks a lot for checking it out Blue moon. I hope this addresses some of your concerns and I welcome any other input you might have. If you believe in the concept, please pass the URL onto other you know who might enjoy it. Also, apologies for the late reply. Would you believe I posted this yesterday before dropping my iPad in the dinghy with a puddle of water at the bottom. So, no more iPad for now.

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16 Aug 2017 6:35PM
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I quite like the concept should be really good over time when more info is added
I also like noonsite are you trying to be similar?

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17 Aug 2017 10:34AM
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In terms of privacy to protect yourself it should be 'opt in' rather than 'opt out'. Big fines have been handed down to the banks and telcos for not working that way so many of them adopt a 'double opt in' policy just to be safe.

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17 Aug 2017 1:11PM
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Hi Sunycoast,

Thanks for taking a look. It will be great to see more of the map filled in, and we feel confident that will happen quickly as we already have users who are quite dedicated to adding as they travel. It's amazing how quickly a region fills up, for example, all the current information on the map is the result of user input over the last two months. We have also added markers to the places we have visited as we traveled up the East coast of NSW.

Concerning Noonsite, we developed the idea for Zulu Waterways very independent of other similar sites, however there are a variety of other sites with useful information. Noon site is one of them. They each have their own merits, however we felt that having information on a map, adding a social connection aspect and encouraging detailed information such as tap and bin locations, swimming spots and repair facilities, as well as the base information of anchorages, marinas and fuel docks will make the site particularly useful. We hope people like it.

Felix, you're completely right. It's something we just hadn't considered. In line with your suggestion, I think we will remove user email all together, and simply have a section where user can manually add their email if they choose. We will look at getting that done in the next few days. Thanks voicing the concern about this.

NSW, 869 posts
18 Aug 2017 11:47AM
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One and only one site created for the benefit of all would be the real improvement but this is simply impossible for we are what we are.
How unfortunate!


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