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Alternative Tuttle Connector for Slingshot foil/mast

Created by AlexF 1 month ago, 11 Feb 2019
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11 Feb 2019 5:58PM
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Hi, I have a tuttlebox in my board, mounted a little deeper at the front to compensate rocker.
Like Alex Aguera is explaining in this vid at 6:55

The original Slingshot tuttleconnector has a flange around the shaft, so the shaft doesn't fully fit in the box.
I could either grind down the flange of the SS connector now or use an alternative tuttle connector without a flange.

Do you guys know if there are deep tuttle connectors of other brands without flange that fit the Slingshot mast profile and threads ?
Something like the Gong, but for the SS mast with only 2 screws?


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"Alternative Tuttle Connector for Slingshot foil/mast" started by AlexF