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Hydros/Armstrong/Axis comparison review

Created by toppleover A week ago, 10 Nov 2019
WA, 4900 posts
10 Nov 2019 4:15PM
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Interesting that the Armstrong was the fastest. Cool review.

NSW, 33 posts
10 Nov 2019 7:17PM
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Great review ,just what I was looking for

VIC, 1326 posts
11 Nov 2019 7:18AM
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good review and there are a lot of Axis foilers where I'm at and one Armstrong with a couple of go foil. Maybe soon we will see here more Armstrong foilers

QLD, 1576 posts
11 Nov 2019 2:58PM
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I've been riding a 900 for 4 months - so very used to the feel/characteristics of this foil... anyway borrowed a mates 1550 this morning & had about 1.5hrs sesh on it in very average surf. Pity the waves were only about 1ft with not much push to them today, would have nice to of tried the Armstrong in decent conditions.
So, my personal observations in the conditions today were the 1550 is a great wing & as mentioned in the original review above is probably the best allrounder out of the 2 foils pictured below. If you were only going to have 1 wing this could be the one. Got a couple of sucky one's & the Armstrong felt really easy to stay in control & just wanted to go faster! Very little lift on the 1550, that would be great in bigger waves but in these tiny waves felt like I had to work harder than I would on the 900.
Didn't notice much difference in turning speed & felt about the same (370 stab on my Axis - standard on the Armstrong).

Because I can get more pump & glide out of my 900 & will keep this wing as my small wave setup for now. But the 900 does make me feel over winged sometimes in bigger waves, so I'll add one of the new smaller carver wings once they are available.

These are both great wings & I'm sure if I had been riding the 1550 for the last 4 month's - I'd be staying on the Armstrong


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