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I think my prone foil is too small

Created by Yuppy 28 days ago, 22 Apr 2019
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22 Apr 2019 9:44PM
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Hi all

I think the foil I bought is too small and I want to by a larger wing.

I have a Naish 2019 Hover Surf 5" 40 litre prone board with a Naish thrust surf foil size M. It is 1032sqcm.

I am 74kg
I learnt to fly this foil behind a boat.
I can't pump it on flat water.
I had 4 failed sessions in the surf before a week in Hawaii where I got flying about 20 times on 1-2 foot waves. I am still crap at it, but I am now hooked.

I want to be able to cruise around on small waves and pump back out. I would also like to attach it to a SUP and give that a go.

So i am thinking of getting the Naish XL 1572sqcm or the Naish XXL 1954sqcm. (i will keep the medium foil)

Is it crazy to put a XXL on a prone board?

many thanks

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22 Apr 2019 10:04PM
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That XL size is my bread and butter at 80kg prone (not Naish, but similar size). You can surf it and pump it.

The XXL size I like but it is slower and really suited to very small stuff or pumping. I surf mine more than most people, but I'm making an effort to cut back on wing size.

My two cents here, and others will disagree...but when you're done with the 5'0" try and go as small as you can (and you'll be shocked at how small that is). It makes pumping sooo much easier.

If I had to chase a 2 wing quiver it would be L and XL.

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23 Apr 2019 3:06AM
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I've got the chinese knockoff of the Naish Large foil. I weigh about the same as you. I'm on a 4'7" prone board. I live in Hawaii, so the waves I surf usually have some power behind them, but yesterday I took it out in about the smallest conditions it can get on the north shore (later in the day at high tide it wasn't even breaking) and had a blast.

The medium should work great in waves that are a lil bigger. If I was to get another wing, I'd get the xl. I think the XXL would be too big. I'd also recommend going a little smaller on the board size. Couple friends dropped down a few inches, and all said it was a lot easier.

Also what's helped me the most lately is i've been slowly sliding my foil farther forward on the board. It's made a huge change in how long I can keep the board up off the water.

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23 Apr 2019 5:14AM
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That Foil will end being perfect for you. Too big a foil on a prone will launch you on take offs . Plenty of guys here on the Gold Coast absolutely rip on the Naish Med prone ( up to 80 kg guys) but it's too small for a Sup . So a L or XL as a second wing would be a good pick.

Smaller wings are harder to pump at first but once you get it they are actually much faster than bigger wings. Drop on a bigger wing to get some flight time but don't get lazy and leave it on as many guys do. The rewards of riding smaller wings is really good with much more speed , tighter more radical turns , taking on steeper drops and high speed pumping. Just keep at it and you are better off focusing purely on the prone for now it's harder to learn than the Sup but once you master it's easy to cross over onto the Sup.

If you start getting launched on the take offs on your prone with the larger wing just slide the mast back a bit or adjust the tail wing angle up a bit to reduce lift . This will give you that extra second to get to your feet .


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