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10' stylemaster compared to 9'2 smirk hipster.

Created by rgmacca 23 days ago, 23 Nov 2019
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23 Nov 2019 6:46AM
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A quick comparison of these two boards from limited use of SMIK

Getting into the line up.
stylemaster 10'x30" 135lts.
Due to its thin thin profile it punches out through the waves easy, keeping balance on knees through white water no problem as board punches through white water.

SMIK 9'2" x 29 @124lts
thicker nose gets pushed around a bit more in white water, feel like can slide of the deck pad more in the surf.
slower to get moving.

obv, stylemaster with extra vol easier to stand up on.

stylemaster, wins again, easier to get on the wave.

feel like totally diff boards.
Stylemaster, think trad long board. Works a treat, just fun and easy.
SMIK. Needs more paddling to get into the wave. Comes alive, lost that long board feel and more like a short board,
Less swing weight and lighter board gets it moving more, defo more lively ride.

Two great boards.
If could only have one would be stylemaster, works in more conditions.
If I wanted to throw it around more and had better good sea state, the SMIk wins.

It might be me, but the stylemaster suits my local spot most of the time.
Love the SMIK on right day.

two longboards with different attributes. Both a joy.

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23 Nov 2019 6:33PM
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I have a 10' Hipster longboard and it is a different critter to your old school longboard , it's got more going on . Took some dialing in with smaller sweet spot and further back than felt right from old shape that was a flat glide. With Hipster the further back I get ,sinking the tail more when catching waves seems to work better for me.
Have been following the post on the guys foiling then suping about muscle memory and perception, the same thing with these two character boards you've befriended.


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"10' stylemaster compared to 9'2 smirk hipster." started by rgmacca