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2012 Stand Sure 9'0" Rdp

Created by SRrat > 9 months ago, 7 Nov 2015
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7 Nov 2015 3:38PM
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Has anyone had experience with a Stand Sure 9'0" Rdp, designed by his Majesty The Most Esteamed Simon Anderson?
I am looking to replace the SB 9' 8" Element I share with my wife, after I creased it. I have repaired it but I am banned from using it in the surf, especially small sucky waves!
I have a couple of shorter boards but really enjoy the extra glide when it's choppy and windy. On paper at 118l for it's length it would be quite reasonable for my fly weight 63kg and 5'4" ( are there any of that sort of length with less volume). Curious about rail profile and bottom shape particularly.


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"2012 Stand Sure 9'0" Rdp" started by SRrat