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2014 JP Australia 10'8' fusion Pro

Created by oldgina > 9 months ago, 24 Nov 2014
NSW, 55 posts
24 Nov 2014 2:12PM
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Hi guys,
anyone had some experience with these boards,I'm 53 years old have surfed for 40years ,6' & 95kg plus looking for a board to learn on & keep for a while? cheers

WA, 431 posts
24 Nov 2014 4:07PM
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I have surfed the 10'2 fusion (not the pro model) that was my first board and a great board to learn on. The 10'8 might be a bit overkill for you though. I am 6'3 and 105kg's and the 10'2 had plenty of float for a beginner board for me ( i am 32 if that makes any difference though). the 10'2 really came alive in anything head high or over but was a bit of a pig in smaller stuff. Realisitically i think there would be better boards out there if your main focus is going to be surfing (if you've surfed all your life then flat water paddling will be a much lower priority) i would be looking at a starboard whopper (love that board) a fanatic all wave, naish mana, starboard wide point or probably a fair few others. Probably wouldn't go longer than 10 foot though as that might be a bit too much

NSW, 982 posts
24 Nov 2014 8:50PM
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Yup I've had a little experience...............................I've owned them all

And yes you will grow out of the 10'8 in an nanosecond I am now 50 was 48 & 115 kgs and had no surfing background and was ready to move it in 9 months. it was awesome super stable and great to surf.

So I went to the 10'2 for about 6 months, it was awesome and took things to the next might consider this. i was 49 and 110 kgs.

Now I have the 9'8 and am 50 and 105 kgs. I got the pro model and seriously...................its above awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

Surfs really well from the tail or the middle, I just can't nose ride it

The 9'8 isn't so good on flat water tho. The 10'2 is better.

If you were willing to be patient I would look to the 9'8 you will hang onto this for a while and you should go the pro model so so much better than the wood.

I am not sponsored by JP (or anyone else for that matter) but seriously think they should just for Fusion love

VIC, 2097 posts
24 Nov 2014 8:50PM
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^agree the 10'8 would be too much board at your weight. I'm around 125 and have the 10'8, it works well for me. the 10'2 would be more your speed, or maybe even the 9'8 (although probably pushing it for just cruising around on the 9'8

You could also look at the Naish 11'0 Nalu or 10'6 Nalu, great surfers and good cruisers for just paddlin' around


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