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2014 Naish Mana vs Fanatic Fly HRS vs Hobie ATR II

Created by MickyB > 9 months ago, 6 Jun 2014
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6 Jun 2014 11:17AM
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Hi all,
Am in the market for a new board. The wife and I have a 2012 Naish Mana 9'5 which is great for her
but feels a little too small/low in the water for me when paddling on flat water. The board will be used for
60% flat water and 40% small waves (1-2ft). I weigh 95kg also..

I am looking at a:
- 2014 Naish Mana 10' or a
- 2014 Fanatic Fly HRS 10'6 or a
- 2014 Hobie ATR II 10'

I have test paddled the Hobie and was very impressed with its smooth, no push paddle abilities on flat water and
caught some nice little waves. Haven't paddled the larger Naish mana or the Fanatic Fly yet..
Can I get ant suggestions and/or advice on the above?.

Cheers, MickyB

VIC, 16089 posts
6 Jun 2014 2:39PM
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Welcome.. Try and demo the new 2014 Mana.. They are very different to the old Mana's.. I'm your weight and love my 9'5" but if I was to do more flat water paddling I'd rather be on the 10' Mana.. or the new 10'6" Nalu .. The 10'6" Nalu is an awesome board.. I've not paddled the Hobie or Fanatic.. Try and demo them all first if you can.


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"2014 Naish Mana vs Fanatic Fly HRS vs Hobie ATR II" started by MickyB