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2015 Atlantis "Bam Bam" SUB 7ft SUP's

Created by TSW > 9 months ago, 5 Sep 2014
QLD, 20 posts
5 Sep 2014 11:35AM
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Hey guys,

After plenty of forums about small surf SUPS under 7ft, we're stoked to receive our latest Atlantis SUP "Bam Bam".
We have 2 demo's available in our Miami outlet on the Gold Coast.

Brushed Carbon / PVC construction
Kevlar infused rails
Quad fin configuration
Single to deep double concave through the fin area.

Available Demo's
6'4 x 29 5/8 x 5 1/4 103L
6'8 x 31 5/8 x 5 1/2 124L

The Surfboard Warehouse

QLD, 20 posts
5 Sep 2014 2:29PM
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A fellow breezer just purchased the 6'8! We have the 6'4 left to demo or purchase.


3088 posts
5 Sep 2014 3:59PM
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I see they have footstraps inserts. Are they designed to be ridden with straps?

WA, 431 posts
5 Sep 2014 5:04PM
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That is one seriously chunky tail, I'd be interested to see these things in action

beer pig
WA, 111 posts
5 Sep 2014 6:12PM
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Hopefully it will be here next week if your down secret hbr you can take it for a rap

WA, 1092 posts
9 Jan 2015 10:22AM
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beer pig any reviews or deets?

WA, 34 posts
9 Jan 2015 5:24PM
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Is there a handle? I have Hobbit arms..


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"2015 Atlantis "Bam Bam" SUB 7ft SUP's" started by TSW