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2019 10' mana v 2019 9'8 allwave

Created by jdm 4 months ago, 3 Sep 2018
NSW, 20 posts
3 Sep 2018 4:29PM
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Hi everyone,
trying to decide between 10 mana and 9'8 allwave
6'3 and 124kg?? on the way down. Have surfed most of my life, mainly want to surf sup and get working. This will be my third board, previous have been 200 ltr plus, big, hardly turned and were heavy
thoughts would be helpful

QLD, 1217 posts
4 Sep 2018 8:45PM
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Both quite similar. I would say in these sizes the Allwave is probably a bit more stable and picks up a wave earlier. The Mana feels a bit more refined in the rail when trimming down the line but the turns a bit harder off the tail.


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"2019 10' mana v 2019 9'8 allwave" started by jdm