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7'10 hokua 32 quad or thruster?

Created by stamp 4 months ago, 29 Oct 2018
QLD, 2624 posts
29 Oct 2018 9:22PM
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hey guys, i've just picked up a 2016 naish hokua 7'10 x32. it's my second board - stepping down from an 8'10 mana, which i lately find a bit unresponsive and boaty especially in the steeper beach breaks.

the x32 is set up as a thruster. i read somewhere that it performs far better as a quad.

does anyone have experience with this board running 3 and 4 fins? do i stick with the thruster? if not, what are the recommended quads to fit to this board? i don't want to fork out for a set of quads unnecessarily...

i'm 5'10, 75kg and mostly ride the sunny coast open beaches. looking to carve more than race down the line.


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30 Oct 2018 5:08PM
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Yep. The x32 's run better as a quad I found .
just get yourself a couple of rears ....I used 7 and 3 .
you may like smaller being lighter, you sure can throw them around more
As a quad ,and gives them a nicer drive .

VIC, 16077 posts
30 Oct 2018 9:08PM
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Quad is how I prefer mine but it's a personal choice and there's no right or wrong answer.. I good friend prefers his as a thruster. (2+1)

NSW, 1223 posts
31 Oct 2018 9:43AM
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Definitely a quad setup for all the x32s. I've ridden them all and the quad makes them come to life. I owned the 8'8" and shapers carbon flare quads were a perfect match

QLD, 5335 posts
31 Oct 2018 10:46AM
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When you have a lot of junk in the trunk (wide tails ) Quads all day.

QLD, 454 posts
31 Oct 2018 4:45PM
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Wide tails equals quads for sure.
Try putting quite small rears in for a change .
Definitely faster down the line which gives you the speed for your turns

QLD, 2624 posts
31 Oct 2018 8:40PM
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thanks for the replies; she certainly has an ample read end.... i will fit a set of quads asap

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1 Nov 2018 2:48PM
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wazza66 said..
Try putting quite small rears in for a change .

Yes, especially at your weight.


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