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8'6" Smik Spitty

Created by Brenno Two weeks ago, 7 Oct 2020
QLD, 758 posts
7 Oct 2020 8:59AM
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I tip my hat to anyone making a go of it in these f'd up times.
I started talking to Scotty about this board months ago, so when it turned up recently and the box looked like this, my heart sank.

I mean really, what is wrong with people? Luckily they'd missed the rails on both sides of the tail and the board was ok. Phew!
8'6" x 30" x 125 litres @ 7.9 kg in beautiful blue, with my own smik logo.
Got back home off shift last night and woke up to nice big peeling right handers. Awesome, finally get to try her out in some semi juice. With the rest of them. The new norm.
I can only compare this to my 9' x 28" hipster twin longboard, as that's all I've surfed for about 18 months, so here goes.
Stability - a little less, which is what happens when you sharpen the nose. Glad I went with 30" wide, perfect for me. Standing further forward on this board.
Paddlle out, paddle on - a little more effort required, but still doable. Much easier to turn for a wave with weight on the back foot. Takes off like a rocket on the drop.
Surfability - an entirely different kettle of fish. This thing absolutely rips. If I had to compare it with boards I've had in the past, it's very similar to my Deep JC, but with the ability to push the tail out and really kick up some water if you want. The stock fins definitely do the job, and I can see how they may save your life on a wave of consequence, but I love my C -Drives. They just suit what I love to do and where I surf.
Finish and durability - awesome as usual, will report back after a few more sessions.
Thanks Scotty for another awesome board.

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7 Oct 2020 7:09AM
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Brenno, Awesome looking sled mate. I suspect fin experiments may begin soon. Let us know how you get on with her. Blue is totally SMIK!


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7 Oct 2020 9:30AM
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Nice one Brenno ,looks like a quad set board would work well on that blue machine too.

WA, 1117 posts
7 Oct 2020 12:32PM
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Looks Siiiiiick, good review mate - hope you score good waves on the new sled!

QLD, 507 posts
7 Oct 2020 3:59PM
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I actually thought about you and this board today. Love the blue hey my hipster is the same colour!

QLD, 1434 posts
7 Oct 2020 6:54PM
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That is a fantastic looking shape. I'm really starting to like these fuller nosed shapes.

VIC, 404 posts
7 Oct 2020 10:19PM
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Enjoy mate! Yew!

NT, 437 posts
7 Oct 2020 10:22PM
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Sick Brennoooohh!!!
youve got yrself another keeper there man.

NSW, 153 posts
9 Oct 2020 3:51PM
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That channel is the same as the Hypernut channel. Must have the same effect. Board accelerates pretty quick on take off. Scotty was a designer on the Hypernut as well. Just sold my Spitfire V1. I am confused at what to get to replace it. Spitfire, Hipster Twin or Bonza. Lucky I am a little short on funds at the moment so don't have to decide. Board looks amazing. Great colour choice.


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"8'6" Smik Spitty" started by Brenno