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Another question... who rides a 10 x 29 stylelord?

Created by Nugdam 1 month ago, 15 Feb 2019
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15 Feb 2019 1:45PM
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Hey Crew,

After asking about 10 foot boards and a few gumtree searches I've found a second hand 10 x 29 stylelord.

Who rides this board and what can you tell me about it? I mostly surf point breaks and the waves can be somewhat slow 2-3 foot on average.

I'm 95kg so would like to hear about stability and how it paddles?

How does the paint hold up on the smiks durability wise? Does it chip like no tomorrow?

Just general performance, I want something that'll still be somewhat loose when you get on the stomping end but still something that's happy to cruise down the line. Can they handle late take offs or will they just try nose dive? Anything you don't like about the board?

I had thought a hipster longboard would probably suit me more but I doubt I'd find a second hand one. So would have to be new and the price diffence isn't worth it.. or is it ha!

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17 Feb 2019 11:29PM
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I have owned two SMIKS. One for almost a year. Put RSP on the rails and no issues anywhere else

I owned a JP which was the chippiest board I ever had. Aweful.

Looks like they have attempted to address that problem with basalt rails.

A used SMIK would be fine. And obviously you get to see it!


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"Another question... who rides a 10 x 29 stylelord?" started by Nugdam