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Atlantis Bam Bam

Created by clintchapman > 9 months ago, 13 Nov 2016
WA, 14 posts
13 Nov 2016 9:26PM
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Thinking of getting a 7.3. Any comments about Atlantis Bam Bam carbon Stand Up Surf Boards?

VIC, 23 posts
14 Nov 2016 10:11AM
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Hi there Clinch, can't comment on the carbon model but have a 6'10" eps model. No problems as yet build quality seems ok. On the fun factor scale, for me not surfing consistently, it's great fun. Pretty practical if you don't get to surf a lot , but want something shorter which is easy to balance on. Very loose on small waves, havnt surfed on any thing with much size, but imagine would go alright, horses for courses though! Would have to say good value for money.

Dr Gas
QLD, 118 posts
16 Nov 2016 7:19PM
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I've had the 7'2" carbon Bam Bam for a year now. Good quality build. Great fun in mushy 1-3' slop, ie. onshore point break days and clean beach breaks. Goes very fast over flat spots. Is quite challenging in other respects. No glide means you have to start your take off approach either headed out to sea or sideways and if there are other surfers around you have to stand in the pack. Very hard to pick off waves from out the back. It is also very wide at 32" so turning the beast has to be very purposeful - weight back, board on edge, and lots of flow. I swap between the 8' vex carbon and the bam bam for fun, they are so different.

QLD, 95 posts
19 Nov 2016 5:57PM
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Yep, I've had the 7.2 carbon for 18 months now and still love it, so far it still seems indestructible. You gotta get good fins for it. Everything as per Dr Gas. I also have the 7.6 in EPS but its no where near as good as carbon, lots of damage, although I do treat it pretty rough. On the rare occasion when we get bigger cleaner waves I get out the Vex 8.6 carbon.


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