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Bamboo SUPS: Sunny King vs Ride the tide

Created by chatterbox88 > 9 months ago, 3 Dec 2015
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3 Dec 2015 8:35PM
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Hey guys,

I've been paddle boarding for about two summers now and I have just been hiring boards from my local SUP store. Finally getting around to buying a board and have fallen in love with bamboo boards. I am aware that other boards are better for different reasons but I am looking at 10'6" bamboo board either Sunny King or Ride The Tide.

I am not sure which one to buy? I am 5'3" female weighing around 63kg...price wise, Ride The Tide works out cheaper but I wanted to know if anyone has either brand and could shed some light on it for me? I live in NSW so a test ride in Melbourne or QLD (where the two stores are located) is out of the question.


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3 Dec 2015 10:19PM
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I bought my wife the bamboo board from sunny king. We both love it. Hi recommended. Several of our friends have one as we'll.

VIC, 655 posts
4 Dec 2015 9:51AM
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Get whichever one is lightest.
At your size the logistics of getting it on & off the car is important.
Ask them to physically weigh the board you want, don't just rely on their advertised weight.
Tell them you want a light one.
If they won't do this for you, they don't deserve the sale!

I'd be surprised if Nick from Sunny King wouldn't do this for you.

VIC, 241 posts
4 Dec 2015 10:45AM
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Still have the original 10'6 sunnyking bamboo I bought my wife for her first board. We have bought 5 large name shorter boards since.

We ended up going shorter (as most do) but still give the 10'6 a run every now and again when conditions are small.

Just beware they are very heavy. My wife would have no chance loading it on the top of the car by herself. We surf together so it's not such a big deal.

NSW, 4 posts
4 Dec 2015 3:15PM
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Would you guys have any advice, should I look at a shorter board, different type? It's mostly for me but my family would have a go if we went out to the beach together. No one is taller than 5"11' or heavier than 90kg. Your advice is much appreciated as I'm single and can't rely on anyone helping me lift. What's the average weight for a board? I never really thought about it when I was paddling and carrying them down to the water from the van.

WA, 15 posts
5 Dec 2015 9:40PM
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I bought my wife a bamboo evoke 7'11" she loves it. At 5'5" and 62kgs she finds it plenty stable enough and at 9.5kgs OK to carry.

have a look at the surfboard warehouse online

if I had to buy another I would go the carbon as its lighter And at $899 a bargain.

if you want people to play on the thing up to 90kgs, then go a larger size - maybe the 9'2" or even the 10".

i find the carry strap makes it easy to transport to and from the beach, rather than using the handle. My board always feels heavier going back to the car

NSW, 4 posts
6 Dec 2015 7:20AM
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Thank you so much! Now I am looking at 9'8 adventure sup because I still want a bit of length but a bit of manoeuvrability too. Although in saying that I need to consider the paddle as I went into my local shop yesterday and they showed me the paddle you get with the package and it was HEAVY! I've been told to consider giving up some cost of the board to invest in a good paddle because I really only want to spend $1200 for a paddle and board, if I can get extras with it that would be great too

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12 Feb 2016 5:56PM
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I have a Sunny King 10'6"
Great for the flat and I have it surf to 6' and found it easy to move
But it dings very easy. Too easy - if you just touch something it cracks and breaks the skin
It is very thin
On the flat is should be fine- glides and accelerates well. Light to carry.

VIC, 131 posts
12 Feb 2016 8:22PM
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I really suggest you speak with surfboard warehouse as they have a great board, cover , paddle package and price /quality is excellent .

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13 Feb 2016 5:54AM
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They sold me there board cover and I also have a foam insert I use to stop any compression damage from tie downs or another board on top
- in the cover it does not get any damage.
The damage comes from stones, anything hard, minor touches of anything I walk past.

In the day you would drop your board on the beach and wax up. I am so over the damage I gingerly place on the sand in case anything is there which could cause damage


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