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Bark 12' Excursion

Created by RbGar 4 months ago, 13 Nov 2018
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13 Nov 2018 5:17AM
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Anyone out there have any pics of the Bark 12' Excursion; bottom, rocker profile etc??? Cant seem to find much at all online.


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14 Nov 2018 10:43AM
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No pics, but my one and only do everything board. If you come across one, the first thing that will blow your mind is how pulled in and narrow the tail is. Really tapered and thin as well, so much so it could have easily come off a popout surfboard. The nose is pretty pulled in with a surprising amount of kick off a semi flat surf rocker. The bottom is flat only under the standing area. There's a soft V that starts behind center then deepens as it runs off the tail and a softer V ahead of center that runs off the nose. The rails are low and hard in the tail, low and full in the middle, but very tucked and low, but more 50/50 and tucked toward the nose.

How does this all work? Awesome. Surfwise, it's a no brainer, as the narrow thin tail with plenty of V makes turning a cakewalk. I prefer surfboards to SUP surfing, so the Excursion is perfect for a bit of an ocean paddle and picking off a couple of waves. The board is super stable, paddles straight and has decent glide and speed. No, not 12' 6" fast, but quicker then most shorter longboard Sups and just a pleasure to paddle. In chop and wind that I'd struggle with on a race or longboard SUP, it's no worries on the Bark.

Joe's take on the genre (aka Sic Bullet 12'6", Jimmy Lewis M 12'6", etc) goes back to that tail. It is so much more thinned out then the boards mentioned and without a doubt just has to be easier to initiate a turn with.

Some new ones popped up super cheap on Craigslist this year. I almost pulled the trigger on another.


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