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Cheap Honu Boards mini review

Created by Jugglesup > 9 months ago, 10 Apr 2017
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10 Apr 2017 9:08AM
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A few weeks ago I bought a 10' Honu as a cheap flat water counterpart to my tiny evoke. On the advice of LordKuz in an old topic I purchased in an ebay auction and also picked it up directly in Syd at $490. The bloke at the pick up commented that it was a good price and below his cost, and that he would probably need to start putting a reserve on the $1 auctions. I'm not sure if I believe him because he's still pumping them out and the cheapest I've seen sold for $382.

For the price I paid the board was great for just a recreational cruise around with low expectations. Plenty buoyant but I'm a lightweight. Huge difference in quality between it and my evoke. No comparison really. But for a flat water spare/family board, great. The paddle as others have mentioned is not worth the metal it's made of, 1.1kg too.

Long story short I used it a few times then sold it for a small profit of $70 (even after paying $40 rail tape), and replaced it with another evoke. So this is just a mini review/experience to add to the Honu files.


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