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Comparing the Glides.

Created by DavidJohn > 9 months ago, 2 Sep 2011
VIC, 15755 posts
2 Sep 2011 9:55AM
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Being a big fan of the Naish 14' Glide I've been hanging out for ages now waiting for the new 2012 Glides to arrive.. and the other day I got a call from a local shop letting me know that they just received one of the new 2012 AST 14' Glides and I was down there in a flash to check it out and take some pictures.. I then got another call from another shop letting me know that they had just received a new carbon 2012 14' Glide.. So I popped in there and took some more pictures.. I was surprised at just how different these boards are from the old ones and the next day I took mine down so I could see them side by side and also take one for a paddle.. and took more pictures.. So.. I have heaps of pictures for those interested in these new boards.

The first thing that I noticed is the rocker in very different.. There is much less nose rocker.

The view from above shows a much flatter board.. The nose/deck area on the AST has a rough star-touch type surface all the way to the nose.

Flipping the board over showed that even though it's flatter there is still heaps of rocker still there.

The boards length and width are still the same.

Looking close at the tail I noticed that it is also different.. It's got more rounded edges.. and the rails are only sharp in the last two feet of the board before becoming a softer tucked rail (still with an edge) and towards the mid section the rails get much softer and less boxy that the old Glide.. Towards the nose the rails are very rounded with no edge at all.. Very unlike the old Glide.

This rail change should change the board even more than what the rocker change will do IMO.. This view shows the tucked rail with an edge.. Very similar to Jonathans new Starboard Open Ocean.. I allowed the board to get pushed around without in rough water catching or tripping but once moving also allows quick water release to help get the board planing early.

I then rushed down to check out the new Carbon Glide.. Wow what a beautiful board with the carbon showing in the rails and tail area.

The Carbon Glide has a gloss finish in the nose/deck area.. It looks classy and slippery but you should never need to stand in that area.

This view shows the star-touch grip in the tail area.. It' s hard to see but it is very grippy.

The fin on the AST was a plain white fin but the carbon board gets a nice wood fin.

The board bag that comes with the carbon board has changed.. It's white one side and black the other.. The fit is good and the quality is better than the old bag.

Then I took my 14' Glide down so I could compare the two side by side and see just how different the two are.. The different nose rocker is very obvious.

The tail rocker is the same.. but see how the tail shape has changed.

The edges and corners are now soft and rounded.

This is the mid point on my Glide showing just how sharp the edge is and compared with the new shaped rail there's a big difference.

Tail to tail.

Side by side.

The old Glide has a three quarter length deck pad.. The new Glide has a much smaller standing area only pad.

Time to take this board for a paddle.. I looks flat sitting on the beach like this.

The deck is now sunken in an almost bird bath shaped standing area.

Domed on the forward area.

Scooped out in the main standing area.

Back to flat in the rear standing area of the pad.

Flipping the board over the bottom looks the same.

Rounded belly in the forward nose area.

Then a slight concave.

Then a slight V in the tail area.

Within a few paddle strokes this board felt faster with more glide between each stroke.

The board also felt more stable.. With the concave deck and less rocker the board tipped like a normal board rather than the hammock swing type tip that the old Glide had.

This pic shows the nose and tail rocker when sitting on the water.

It's a beautiful looking board.. Paddles great and would be a great all rounder flat water board that you could also race and do down winders on.

We have two 30 knot down-winding days coming up this weekend so I will take it for a down wind run with my Go Pro helmet cam and get some vid of it in action.

That will be the test for me to decide if I should trade mine for the new one.. I love the old one so much it's hard to imagine the new one being better on a down-winder.. I hope they have not stuffed its great down wind performance to make it a better flat water paddler.. I'll post some vid on Monday.


NSW, 2151 posts
2 Sep 2011 11:44AM
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DJ, you dead set missed your calling as a reviewer of some sort - great comparison pics and overview. Looks like a fantastic board!

NC Surfer
142 posts
2 Sep 2011 10:01AM
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great job DJ

VIC, 855 posts
2 Sep 2011 12:50PM
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Hey DJ,great review!! for people that don't have 14' footers and are tossing up which way to go your review is really appreciated.I know i should take my own advise, and demo, demo, and then demo some more.But for us time poor bastards,a big 14 footer is much different than taking a couple of sub 9 footers for a spin.So i know i have gained some valuable details re; the old and the new Glides,thanks again.

VIC, 7961 posts
2 Sep 2011 9:14PM
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Nice work DJ!

laceys lane
QLD, 16758 posts
2 Sep 2011 9:25PM
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dj, i'm jealous. i so much want to see and try that board as a big dw er for my quiver.

nice photos. if its got 2 foot of hard edges at the back i'll be pleased.

if and only if i get one, it would be the carbon despite being half a grand dearer

QLD, 7932 posts
2 Sep 2011 10:56PM
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goatman said...

DJ, you dead set missed your calling as a reviewer of some sort - great comparison pics and overview. Looks like a fantastic board!

Eastcoast SUP
NSW, 333 posts
3 Sep 2011 2:46PM
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Nice review and pics there DJ...looking forward to the video and final say on Monday :)

VIC, 3800 posts
3 Sep 2011 5:36PM
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Nice one DJ. How is the heft of the new carbon and AST glides? Hevy? Light? No difference?


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