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Comparison...Placid vs Flow

Created by Timsups 1 month ago, 22 Oct 2020
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22 Oct 2020 1:39PM
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Can anyone out there compare the performance characteristics between the 8'7 Sunova Placid and the 8'8 Sunova Flow? Thanks.

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23 Oct 2020 9:21PM
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Timsups said..
Can anyone out there compare the performance characteristics between the 8'7 Sunova Placid and the 8'8 Sunova Flow? Thanks.

Please specify.... do you mean the original Flow, or the new Casey/Flow 2.0?

I have not seen a 2.0 yet, but I have a 9'0 coming in December.

As far as the "old" Flow vs Placid:
I can compare old 8'10 Flow vs 8'10 Placid
(I have paddled the 8'7 Placid and found it pretty comfortable)

Note on sizes over 9'0:
I never really got on with my 9'2 Flow or 9'1 Placid...
I only surfed my 9'2 Flow on my backhand... I couldn't turn it frontside
In sizes over 9'0, both designs got hard for me to surf the way I like...
odd I know, but I really struggled on both these boards in bigger sizes.

so I got each, in the 8'10 size.
Bingo... all the issues went away and I liked them both.

Having said that,
I vastly prefer my 8'10 Placid to my old 8'10 Flow.

The Flow was ok, but the Placid is fairly spectacular.
Neither is a particularly fast board IMO...
Both are decent paddlers, but I give the edge to the Placid.
They both have very forgiving nose designs but the Placid has better nose kick for late drops.
Both are easy to surf

Where I feel they differ:
I stopped surfing my 8'10 Flow years ago, after I got my 9'4 Creek and 9'4 Acid.
The original 8'10 Flow suddenly felt slow and sluggy, even though it was shorter and plenty stable.
There was simply seemed no reason to ride it any more.

My 8'10 Placid feel alive!
Smooth and snappy... it is a joy to surf!
Super easy and fun.
(check out my review)
It is also very comfortable at lower volumes because of its ample width and more volume forward.
Some boards leave volume in the tail to make the nose light and maneuverable.
The Placid puts volume in the nose, which really helps when paddling into a wave...
but the tail is super thin and has lots of tail kick, so super easy to snap tight turns.

Over all, the Placid is a very awesome board!
My caveats are this:
1 - In really low power waves, I use other boards that are better suited to mush.
The Placid doesn't need much... but it is fairly rockered and works better with a little push.

2 - The ample nose that makes the shorter Placid so easy.... seemed to get in the way on my 9'1.
I'd love to hear others thoughts on this, as I may be the only one challenged by the bigger Placid.

3 - haven't had it in OH yet, so I can't comment on that.

Tim... I think the 8'7 Placid will be a perfect addition to your 8'10 Steeze and Style!

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24 Oct 2020 8:14AM
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Hi Tim ,
8,7 125 litre placid is wider @31,5 so more stable ,high performance design ,great board .
not ridden the 8,8 flow yet ,31 wide and 126 litre ,flows will be a faster board ,going on their rocker line ,
both good choices ..your call

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24 Oct 2020 9:19AM
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Thanks guys!! I've got an 8'7 Placid coming in that I can demo in the next month! Can't wait!! I was thinking the new "Casey" Flow looked very comparable and was also worth considering.??

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26 Oct 2020 9:40AM
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Can't comment on the sub 9ft but I have a 9'4" Placid and have surfed it from waist high to overhead. It rips.
I have only one downside....Whilst it is super stable to paddle in a light chop, its all over the place on the face when surfing if there's a bit of bump (and it doesn't take much to unsettle it). For me its a super glassy conditions board and well suited to those offshore dawny's. Once the breeze turns I change boards or head home.


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