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Cracks in carbon

Created by Kite285 23 days ago, 24 Apr 2021
QLD, 107 posts
24 Apr 2021 3:43PM
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I was hoping to get some input about the rails on my naish javelin. There's light cracks in the top of the rail around where the front strap goes when the board is on the roof racks. There's also another behing my right foot, not particularly close to the strapping area. Also when I press my thumb into the rail in various spots, it's quite soft, like I'm pushing my thumb into a pumped up soccer ball. Are carbon boards soft like this normally? So between the cracks in the finish and the softness, I'm questioning the durability of the board. Any input would appreciated.

TAS, 1023 posts
24 Apr 2021 8:10PM
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I have seen rails crack when they are tied down to tight on the roof racks, carbon can be fragile and sometimes doesn't have a lot of give, best to take back to the dealer and see what he thinks.

VIC, 94 posts
25 Apr 2021 3:05PM
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In manufacture it's easy to be heavy handed when sanding rails. There should be two or three layers of glass wrapped around the rails before sanding, so my guess is yours are too thin now, hence the movement when pressed and easy cracking?

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25 Apr 2021 11:53PM
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Note that it is very easy to damage any board with ratchets on straps.

NSW, 749 posts
26 Apr 2021 10:24PM
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Here we go again with Naish rails. Going by posts in the early days of SUPs.

VIC, 764 posts
28 Apr 2021 3:54PM
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Seajuice said..
Here we go again with Naish rails. Going by posts in the early days of SUPs.

Test drove one a few years back...possibly the same model.
Paddled it in some significant, but not out of the world chop.
After 3 waves I decided I'd better stop paddling into the chop before it snapped in half.
And I weigh 75 kg's


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