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Disrupt Custom SUP

Created by Pappyjo > 9 months ago, 9 Feb 2015
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9 Feb 2015 9:12PM
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Just wanted to give Greg & the guys at Disrupt a huge wrap for their help in putting together my 7' x 33" x 5" custom SUP.
These guys couldn't be more helpful, really knowledgable & accommodating, nothing was to much trouble.
Really looking forward to picking up my new SUP & giving it a crack.
If you're thinking of going down the custom SUP path give these guys a bell, you won't be disappointed.
Cheers. webkit-fake-url://9946DC5D-2E69-4210-92E5-1C651A4F52BD/imagegif


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"Disrupt Custom SUP" started by Pappyjo