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E bike SUP trailers

Created by GizzieNZ 6 months ago, 13 May 2017
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13 May 2017 12:19PM
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Think have nearly got my act together......sunova 9'2 so its pretty light

NSW, 43 posts
13 May 2017 4:45PM
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How do those fat tyres go on sand? A bike like that could open up untapped potential

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13 May 2017 5:43PM
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Very cool rig, and a dual purpose trailer.

QLD, 1262 posts
18 May 2017 1:49PM
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I was looking at one of those bike trailers second hand to put some beers, camp cooker and snags to go to Burleigh hill - or where ever and wind an afternoon away. Didn't think it would be suitable for carting a SUP though. Let us know how it goes!

WA, 616 posts
18 May 2017 12:13PM
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This is how I added a SUP

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20 May 2017 3:09AM
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If you did it slacks way the dog could sit in the trailer to

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20 May 2017 8:18AM
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My version of the trailer. This easily holds 3 boards.


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"E bike SUP trailers" started by GizzieNZ