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Ecs noserider

Created by Bluehawk 23 days ago, 6 May 2020
NSW, 15 posts
6 May 2020 8:38AM
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Gurus - was looking at going shorter but now considering same length or slightly longer nose ride style such as a ecs 10 ft or sunova speed. I would welcome any feedback from riders of these boards giving me some insight into the good and the bad. How hard is the balance on the 10ft 28 wide ecs? I've read the speed is pretty stable. I was thinking maybe 9 2 ish for the speed. Thanks!

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6 May 2020 7:55AM
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I have an ecs noserider 28 and I really like it. I find it very stable in all conditions. I am 90kg. I used to have a 8'5 speeed but it was too small for me. It was however really good in calm conditions. I don't think you can go wrong with either.

WA, 1045 posts
7 May 2020 9:14AM
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Have heard awesome things about the ECS noserider from a couple of friends who have had them, it handles good waves as well.

Looks to be great value!

NSW, 1409 posts
7 May 2020 4:33PM
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I have had many boards and now have only 3 that suit my current requirements;
ECS 10ft Nose Rider
Jimmy Lewis 8 5 Striker
14 x 26 RS SIC
Mostly foil these days


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"Ecs noserider" started by Bluehawk