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F-One Anakao

Created by seaFreaks > 9 months ago, 10 Apr 2017
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10 Apr 2017 4:21PM
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Just a quick one as I thought it might be worth mentioning. I have spoken a bout the Anakao in the past and once again I have nothing bad to report. I think last time I rode it, The only issue was the factory fins. Over the last week with some solid swell hitting the Goldy, I decided to keep running the board and see what it could really do... I paired it up with a set of Josh Kerr DarkSide 7.0s from 3DFins and went on a mission to find the nastiest waves hahaha. Over the course of the week I rode it in everything from the points, the beachys and even the shore break (don't tell the boys at F-One). What I found was, it performs the way it looks... It is truly a gun style board and once you set the rail it just continues to accelerate.. The board is scary at times as it just wants to go.... Once you step back and drive the tail in the thing just responds. At first I had trouble getting it to reengage after a solid turn but then figured out, it was my fault. I was putting to much weight forward and bogging the nose, Once I relaxed (2or3 sessions later) I found that simply applying more front foot pressure without actually moving forward was the key.. Although I love this board and the way it performs, I have had to think long and hard as to how to justify owning one. I have come up with the answer!!! If you are currently on boards like a Mana, Allwave, Drive, Manawa or the likes of and want to upgrade without going full performance, This is the next step. This will give you the ability to hone your skills as well as give you a board that will handle the big stuff when your ready to take it on. It is a progressional board that will work for anyone looking to upgrade as mentioned above or the bigger paddler who just wants a little more comfort with there performance..

Disclaimer - I am a retailer for F-One but post to be informative only!!! If you have any questions please get in touch with your local retailer. This is not a sales pitch, it is simply meant to be an informative opinion from someone that has the pleasure of trying all these great boards so that I can point you in the right direction when required.

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