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F-One Anakao

Created by seaFreaks > 9 months ago, 28 Feb 2017
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28 Feb 2017 1:55PM
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Here it is, The run down on another one from the F-One stable

I have to admit the Anakao was a bit puzzling for me at first. I demo'd the 9'5 @150L, As with all the new F-One line up the board was super stable but I was seriously disappointed with the paddle speed for a board with these dimensions. I really wanted to love it... I love the look of these things and I'm a sucker for the lines of that traditional "gun" shape.... This is where I realized how blind I was

The Anakao is a "GUN" This board is much better suited to 4-5+ with a nice clean face (not the mush I was testing in) This being said, with the stability this board has it would also work well for the heavier guys chasing a more performance orientated board.

To be completely honest, the paddle speed may have not been that bad, I'm just lazy... Its been a long time since I have ridden anything in this size range as I'm normally either on a 10'0 performance long board or a smaller short board style.

The biggest gripe I had with this board is by far the fins.. These fins are really crap (sorry, just being honest) There is nothing wrong with the positioning of the fins or the rail shape.. It is just the fins. The thruster bites may as well be rubber, The center is stiff but has flex in all the wrong places. The first couple of rides I couldn't work it out but after a quick fin change it was game on...

Tis is not a cruisy paddle on board, despite its length @9'5 I was still taking the late drops but was super easy and comfortable to transition on the board. The Anakao has the largest "workable" deck space I have fond in the F-one range so far. This board defiantly has a lot more potential and I'm really going to enjoy unlocking it...

As with the Madeiro and the rest of the line up in both carbon and bamboo, the integrady of the board is second to none. The whole range is well and truly worth a look as there really is a board for everyone.


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