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F-One Madeiro

Created by seaFreaks > 9 months ago, 19 Jun 2017
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19 Jun 2017 1:56PM
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Ive said it before and ill say it again, WOW!!! Ive posted on here before about these boards but once again got one out on the water and remembered why i love em.

At times it is a serious disadvantage to have so many boards to choose from on a daily basis. This being said i have the opportunity to test some of the best boards on the market and the Madeiro is defiantly one of them..

Im 90kg and far from the best surfer in the line up but I am still super comfortable on the 8'3" @110L even on those sloppy days. The boards are super lively and have the speed to match. They carry great paddle speed for there size and perform at a level that resembles much smaller boards.

The rail shape gives any instability the board has a soft secure feel without a critical response whilst still maintaining a high performance edge when its needed. The deck pad is super comfortable even on those longer sessions and most important of all, The board responds just as well as a quad as it does a thruster, Its up to you. If you are more comfortable with a thruster set up or a quad you are at no disadvantage with this board.

If i had to pick one board for our conditions here in QLD The Madeiro would be at the top of list and although the 8'3" is comfortable and reliable i would probably have to go the 8'5 just to give me the added ability to use the board even in the small stuff.

Do yourself a favor and if you haven't had a crack on one, get onto your local F-One dealer and get out there!!!


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"F-One Madeiro" started by seaFreaks