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F-One Noosa 8'6

Created by SaltyCulture > 9 months ago, 29 Oct 2017
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29 Oct 2017 11:44AM
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@8'6 x 29 and 113L i have always been hesitant to paddle this board as the pin tail can really slow it down and decrease stability however, early this morning i decided to bite the bullet and give it a run. It was small sucky and low tide with a Northerly chop through it and little to no consistency.

Bugger it, I'm here and i'm getting wet before having to spend the morning playing caddy to the groms. I was right about the stability for volume however i have been spoilt lately with Infinity. It took me a little time to adjust to the board and although it defiantly wasn't ideal conditions for the board, it didn't take long to start making it work.

For a "longboard" style sup the thing was super lively and responsive. Even though it is only 8'6" it begs you to get on the nose and on the odd cleaner one i did. Running a set of medium thrusters i was really surprised at the way it still held on the nose and just how comfortable it felt.

Although by today's standards, the board is kind of in that in between bracket it is a really nice fun board to surf and i will defiantly be riding it more often. F-One run the "rebated" rail on all there boards and i have never dodged the fact that i'm not a fan. This being said, lately i have been experimenting with there smaller boards and finding that there smaller more refined shapes are working just as well for me as Naish and Infinity always have.

The Noosa range really is one of the best kept secrets on the SUP market and if you havn't had a chance to check em out, now's the time. Across the range for 2018 we are seeing a number of changes to the Noosa, Anakao and the Madeiro all of which i personally think they have hit the nail on the head.

Hope you enjoy'd the read
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