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Fanatic Blitz 14' x 24"

Created by Yardsale 4 months ago, 29 Aug 2018
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29 Aug 2018 6:43AM
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Anyone paddled the Blitz,? I've got about 15 miles on a demo board and so far I am really impressed. It's somewhat confounding because when I look at the profile I think down wind board but when I paddle it I find it to be pretty fast on the flats. Like the Falcon it's a bit tippy as you move back but the tail is fuller so it's definitely an improvement. The nose has more rise and is a different shape so it doesn't push water, it deflects water nicely behind the nose. I initially thought I was getting fooled by the easy initial pull... (less resistance) but my times around my normal loop say otherwise, this board is pretty swift. I found stability to be good, it definitely has a tippy feel initially but I got comfortable with it pretty quickly. Would love to hear others impressions.

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3 Sep 2018 9:24PM
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I've paddled both the 24" and 26" and the Blitz definitely seems faster on the flat than the old Falcon. The tail on the new board is wider and the rail out line is much straighter. As you say the nose profile is different as well. I actually found the stability better than the old Falcon. The 24" will certainly be more of an all rounder - Rather Arutkin has been using it as his go to board in Europe based on all of the coverage.

I did a couple of downwinders on the 24" about 8 weeks ago and found it slid into bumps easily and paddled over and through the smaller ones. The lack of stability you mention down at the tail is due to the increased vee aft of the fin. This enables the board to move and turn easier when down at the tail. Once on the flat it certainly did seem to glide easily as well.

I've just picked up a 26" as my ocean board. The volume on the 26" will still support the larger paddler but is a litre less than the old falcon.


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