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Fanatic Stubby 8?3"

Created by coaxial 3 months ago, 28 Jul 2018
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28 Jul 2018 5:49PM
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Hi there,
I am an intermediate rider weighting 70 kg. Currently on a Naish Mana 8?10 which I found quite heavy and difficult to tirn with my weight, I am looking at getting a new board, probably a Fanatic Stubby 8?3, 105 L.
Coul anyone give me some feedback on the board and let me know if it could be a good step up for me?
Thanks in advance.

NSW, 125 posts
29 Jul 2018 7:40PM
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Got one - I'm 80 kegs and have 9 ft laird surfer so stubby is for beach breaks or mushy stuff. Floatations and balance should be good for you at 70 kg. Can't say I've got it going to its potential yet - but I'm happy with it. I started as thruster but have gone to quad with some shapers stealth fins


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"Fanatic Stubby 8?3"" started by coaxial