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Fin progression

Created by Freogeezer Wednesday, 9 Jun 2021
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Wednesday , 9 Jun 2021 9:08AM
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I'm a lower intermediate SUP surfer. Can catch waves and get down the line. Currently on a Jimmy Lewis striker 9'5. The stock centre fin is a JL 8' swept back fin. Want to start experimenting with different fins. Off on an adventure next week and really hoping to start nailing turns. Any suggestions or alternatives I can play around with? ( Around 80 kegs if that's relevant.) Cheers in advance.

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Wednesday , 9 Jun 2021 12:58PM
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I use all sorts of fins on all my boards
Yesterday I rode a 12' board in tiny surf, so I threw in a 3.5 " center fin to allow the tail to slide around on turns, since there was no power to rail turn on.
So yeah... get a smaller center, maybe a 5.5" and set up as a thruster.

Also try a bigger single center fin, with less rake (sweep)... it will allow a shorter radius pivot turn

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Wednesday , 9 Jun 2021 2:35PM
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Normally I would advise like Supthecreek to try a thruster setup (rear of about the size of the fronts), but with semi-retro longboard shapes like the Striker, and you seem like a fin novice, you may want first to play with the fin position: try to surf with the fin to the front and to the rear of the box, and move it around (a tool-less 9' FCS fin is very nice for this: you can change the position between waves on the water).

This will make you understand the effect of a fin, starting with the basics.

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Thursday , 9 Jun 2021 11:19PM
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I have the same board and have experimented with fins a lot. Best combo I've found is the standard JL side fins with a 7" cutaway set with the leading edge 2.5" from the front of the finbox. Very loose but still plenty of drive.

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Thursday , 10 Jun 2021 1:09AM
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I'm clueless about fins, but as someone who has been working a lot on their turns I'd just chime in and say make sure you're paying a lot of attention to how far back and towards the wave-side edge your rear foot is. Maybe striker not as sensitive but my worldwide (w/ stock quads) can feel really different based on foot position. I think for me it's influenced by the wave, like on a steeper/larger wave I am more distracted or intimidated so I don't get foot as far back or near rail, then I can't crank as hard on bottom turn. Similarly the board feels locked up on top turn if I'm not close to tail pad. For a little while I thought I had a fin issue when it was prob my feet not being where I thought they were -- I think after a session of focusing on foot placement, I assume I can just go by feel on the next one but maybe I still need to actively think about it.

That said I just ordered two sets of Quobbas and I'm excited to experiment. Anyway, good luck with the turns, hope your crank some nice ones.


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