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Fin size

Created by Supwill > 9 months ago, 8 Jan 2018
NSW, 22 posts
8 Jan 2018 8:16AM
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Hi guys
What size fin are people using on their sunova speed.
I'v got 94's on the three of them. Should I change the middle.

VIC, 44 posts
8 Jan 2018 4:42PM
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VIC, 123 posts
8 Jan 2018 9:02PM
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Wish i had 94s today

VIC, 252 posts
8 Jan 2018 10:39PM
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Lots of variables... what size board, how heavy are you, what conditions do you surf, what is your style etc etc. Everyone will have a different opinion.

Just try a smaller one and see if you like it. You'll either like the fact the back is a bit looser, or you'll prefer the extra drive/hold of a bigger fin

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8 Jan 2018 10:21PM
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Im using the original one on my speed 8.10..dont feel i have reached the kind of control that allows me to play with smaller fins.

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9 Jan 2018 2:45AM
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8'10" Speeed. 70 kg. Intermediate skill. 62 yo. Beach break up to head high. 4.5" proteck powerflex fins (clear).

For flat water paddling i put I put the stock Sunova 105 fins in and it tracks well. I get some looks from the flat water guys paddling their race boards. One guy passed and said why is your board underwater. It wasn't but I guess it looks that way.


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9 Jan 2018 5:50AM
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hey sup will.
I don't have the 8.10 speed ,but the 8,10 flow
it has the same fins ...

you will get a bit more performance changing your fins

,so yes go smaller as the original's are quite big ,its the different shapes you get now a days that will make a make the difference .
eg..sharper turns ...more speed ,slidey turning re-entres.

NSW, 22 posts
9 Jan 2018 11:22AM
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Thanks guys

that guy
66 posts
14 Jan 2018 9:30AM
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use 105s on the outside and a 94 or 83 in the middle., the 105's are key

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14 Jan 2018 6:15PM
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I have the 8'10 Acid @120L and it came with the big stock 105 fins. I have tried a few different and smaller flexier fins and they all add a different performance but I just got set of large Maui Fin Co Kai Thrusters and OMG they made an awesome board more awesomer! These are large surf fins and quite a bit smaller than the 105s. Burt has made some comments about using large fins which is what the Acid come with but I always play around with fins as you feel something new and the board reacts differently so learn what a board can do and what feels good for you.


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