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Gulliver Gambler Evolution - Custom

Created by Grenfell > 9 months ago, 28 Apr 2015
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28 Apr 2015 2:50PM
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well its been a few weeks and about 10 surfs on her now so time to write a brief note (apols it will be brief)

firstly I’m 90kgs and 6ft tall and dropped down 30 litres to 110l on my new Gulliver, intermediate surf level, balance, fitness etc.

I took a punt (after much research) and contacted Aaron Bitmead to discuss a Custom having demo’d a Slate. Always hard to get it right with a few phone calls/emails but 6+ weeks later she arrived from sunny Queensland. I have to say first outing I couldn’t have been more surprised by how easy the transfer was and the dropping of 30l, I wouldn’t have liked to dropped anymore but she was and is steady as a rock standing out the back. I’ve been out in everything upto 20knots of mess and although testing in these conditions, still very rideable.

The real fun starts when its 3ft+ with a gentle offshore. Wow! How easy she gets onto the wave, very good tracking and super easy to paddle relatively long distances for such a shortish board (7’6x28x4). Super- fast, like nothing I’ve SUP’d before and turns on a dime. Either the board is quite forgiving or my SUP’ing is progressing, need some footage to decide which!

All I know is I’m super stoked with the board, the help and guidance from Aaron and a few thank-you’s are due to Colas (fin advice) Casso + others (deck-grip advice) + everyone that has contributed to the various Slate/Minion/Raptor threads. Sorry about pics, can't figure out how to rotate!

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28 Apr 2015 5:44PM
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Looks good, It's amazing how easy they pick up waves with those big tails


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