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Hairline crack paddle

Created by freesailor 24 days ago, 25 Dec 2019
VIC, 71 posts
25 Dec 2019 2:40PM
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Hi Breezers
What to do with a hairline crack paddle shaft blade side?
It's about 3cm long.
I'm in Sri Lanka so limited, and didn't bring any repair kit.
Shaft is 100% carbon, tapered.
Any suggestions how to avoid I'm gonna break the shaft?
Thanks a million,
Merry Xmas!

VIC, 162 posts
25 Dec 2019 5:19PM
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Duct tape or gorilla tape happy hol

VIC, 706 posts
26 Dec 2019 7:36PM
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Sleeve it.
I'd suggest some plastic plumbing tube, about 300mm long, and gaffer tape or electrical tape.
Slit the tube lengthways into 2 pieces and tape both slit lengths along the tube 150mm either side of the crack.
Buy a cheap hacksaw when you buy the tube so you can slit it.
Given that the tube is tapered, you may have to cut the tube with a V in it so it doesnt overlap when you sleeve it onto the shart

VIC, 71 posts
26 Dec 2019 8:17PM
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Thanks guys...the plumbing tape works a treat ... touch wood


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