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Honu or Natural Rhythm

Created by brode93 > 9 months ago, 11 Dec 2014
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11 Dec 2014 1:26PM
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Can anybody lead me to a place where I can find one of these 2 that aren't sold out?



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11 Dec 2014 1:51PM
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For a HONU, Get on ebay and watch Paddle boards Direct. Start bidding on the SuPS that are listed at $1 starting price... and keep trying. You WILL eventually score one for between 4 and 600 dollars, not forgetting the extra 107 or so for delivery. Do not bid any higher than 600, but you probably will get lower if you are not in a hurry. For that price, they are a good board. I had one for a while that served its purpose as a throwaround family board. Look after it. and you will get your money back later, as I did.


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"Honu or Natural Rhythm" started by brode93