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Infinity Newdeal 9'0"

Created by SaltyCulture 4 months ago, 6 May 2018
QLD, 35 posts
6 May 2018 10:44AM
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Been putting this one off for to long now but finally put the 9'0" x 28" NewDeal under my feet. At 28 wide and only 104L I was a little concerned at the stability but I should have known better?? the board is amazing... It is so stable and even with its low volume the paddle speed is still insane. The drive off the rail is as you woukd expect in a new deal and it's response off the pin tail makes it soooooo lively...being a ft shorter than its big brother gives it the ability to follow through into the suckier sections of the wave and throw it around like a much smaller board. One thing that is really pronounced in this size (surprisingly) is the flex, yes it's carbon and it flex's?????? the flex in the tail gives it a super positive response under your back foot giving added ability to drive off the bottom and get into the lip ?? all in all, if your chasing a board that lower in volume "for more performance" but want loads of paddle speed for fuller days while still being able to mix it up on the inside, THIS IS IT??????
Stay stoked
Trav ??

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7 May 2018 5:01AM
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Great board. I have a costumer that bought me that board. He loved it so much that just a few days after he ordered another one. Exactly the same! One for surfing during the week in Porto and the other one to keep at his weekend and Summer house further north.


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"Infinity Newdeal 9'0"" started by SaltyCulture