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Inflatable SUP advice

Created by bsmith95610 Friday, 22 May 2020
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Friday , 22 May 2020 12:34PM
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I am new to paddle boarding and have only been a few times and was considering getting an inflatable SUP due to the ease of transportation. I am 6'6" and 240 lbs and I will mainly be using it but my family will use it occasionally as well. I am hoping to not spend a ton of money on this purchase and was currently looking at the below models. Please let me know if any of you have any experience with these models or have any other models that are on the cheaper side that you think I should consider. I tried finding reviews online for these models but there are some reviews out there but I couldn't find any in any forums with real people leaving reviews. Any help would be much appreciated.

SereneLife 11'

SereneLife 10'

Roc 10'


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Friday , 22 May 2020 4:27PM
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Some of the cheapies could be a bit flexy ,the larger you are the more they will bend.Often worth paying a few dollars more.

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Friday , 22 May 2020 4:34PM
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I was also looking at the below models as well so if anyone has any experience with these please let me know. I will mainly be going out in rivers and in lakes.

iROCKER 10'6"

Tower Adventurer 2 10'4"

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Saturday , 23 May 2020 8:46PM
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The Tower board is the only one out of all those you mentioned with any longevity or brand recognition. And even then, I don't know of any Tower boards imported to Australia.

What you'll find with poor quality inflatables is that they don't take enough pressure so they flex as Foghorn suggested. They also tend to be a lot heavier than the quality products. And they are also more likely to burst at the seams because they are poorly glued together.


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