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Inflatable sups suitable for a big boy

Created by bigboy36 5 months ago, 13 Oct 2018
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13 Oct 2018 5:20AM
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Hey, after purchasing a piece of beach front land the wife and I have decided to give paddle boarding a go. I used to surf years ago but am keen to hand the board onto the kids and give paddleboarding a go. The thing is I'm 125kg and 6'4 so I need a board with a decent volume. After doing a lot of research I've decided on an inflatable but now I'm unsure on brands...
have looked into red paddle and irocker so far as a lot of other boards won't take my weight.
Any reviews? Ideas? Other brands I should consider? Any help much appreciated. Cheers

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13 Oct 2018 5:30AM
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Hi , I think a hard board would suit better and last longer. They will take your weight without the bouncing. Cheers RPG

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13 Oct 2018 9:04AM
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Are you planning on surfing, touring or racing???

NSW, 20 posts
15 Oct 2018 4:23PM
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Hard board, starboard Avanti !


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"Inflatable sups suitable for a big boy" started by bigboy36