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JP Pro 9'2 vs Starboard Converse 100kg rider

Created by SurfSup1 8 months ago, 6 Jul 2018
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6 Jul 2018 1:45AM
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Hi all, looking for some thoughts on a new board.

I'm 6ft 100kg and had a 9ft Starboard Converse for a few years which was a great fun board and quite stable. Sold it for a change to a Fanatic prowave ltd 9'3 2014. Great in clean waves but a handful in the slightest of chop.
The JP pro looks somewhere between the Fanatic Prowave and Starboard Converse. The Converse I had was 2014 and the newer model looks like a better shape with more of a pulled in squash tail.

Love the speed of the prowave being able to make sections I could not on the old converse but cannot seem to carve as nicely on a flatter open face and missing the larger centre fin option. Ideally two boards would be nice (Surf Pro & JP Wide / Hypernut). I'm in Europe so get varying conditions. The boards chosen are due to ease of availability (but no demo boards around).

Thoughts and experiences greatly appreciated.


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"JP Pro 9'2 vs Starboard Converse 100kg rider" started by SurfSup1