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Jimmy Lewis Stun Gun 9'2" vs Hobie Raw 8'11 advice

Created by jarvisIan > 9 months ago, 31 May 2014
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31 May 2014 12:15PM
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I'm trying to decide between these two boards and am looking to hear from those who might have had the chance to ride one or both of them. I have a couple of Sim Sup's for speed and smaller waves, and am looking for something that will be good and controllable in larger, steeper waves, and perhaps some chop. Thanks in advance for your knowledge.

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31 May 2014 12:22PM
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Get the Stun Gun so I can try it

VIC, 1283 posts
31 May 2014 7:44PM
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I have the 8'4" raw, a great board in good conditions. Would love to have the 8'11" for a bit more stability on those not so great days.
These boards are imo very under stated. super fast and very light (6.6kg with pad)
Because you want it for bigger surf I just wonder though if you might be better off with the Hobie Torque series still at a respectable 7.7kg claimed weight.

QLD, 615 posts
1 Jun 2014 6:52AM
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The hobie raw boards are awesome fun with low sticky rails. They are more like fishes in the stand up scene. Never ridden a JL but for bigger steeper waves I'd say they hold better then the hobie (based on the outline). I found in the bigger stuff the hobie is too wide, too fast.


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"Jimmy Lewis Stun Gun 9'2" vs Hobie Raw 8'11 advice" started by jarvisIan