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Just got a new board - Sunova Placid

Created by Haddock Two weeks ago, 3 Apr 2021
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3 Apr 2021 5:10AM
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After what seemed like an age of indecision, I finally took the plunge and bought a new board. Fortunately my preferred board was in stock so it was pretty quick once I'd made the decision.
I finally settled on an 8'7 Sunova Placid. First impressions are incredible and the finish is spectacular when you see it in the flesh. The board looks and feels so short compared to my 10'5 Starboard Drive, and I was worried about stability and how I would cope with the significant drop in volume. As it turns out, I needn't have worried!

the weather here was rubbish today, a strong cross onshore wind and 6 inches of wind blown mess bouncing around the bay. Exactly the sort of conditions that make you fall off any board. Still, it would be rude not to have a paddle, so out I went.
the Placid is super stable, I don't think I got my hair wet for the first half hour, and the conditions were pretty terrible. I caught some small stuff pretty well and boy does this board like to turn off the tail. I can't wait to get it in some waves because from what I've experienced so far it is utterly amazing. I can't believe that I've waited this long to drop down to a performance shape, it really does feel revolutionary.

there are a couple of things I'll have to get used to. Paddling in a straight line is ok on one side, but less easy on My toe side. Equally take offs need careful coordinating as the board likes to spin round very quickly. This is great for turning onto waves, but will take a bit of recalibration.
Totally love the board and can't wait to see what it can really do with some juice.

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3 Apr 2021 7:53AM
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Beautiful board and thanks for the review. I have ordered a Placid (8'3") but will have to wait until August for delivery. I think every couple of years we "deserve" a new board! This year in particular. The rule in our house has been if I get a new board I need to sell one........this year appears to be the exception.



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3 Apr 2021 9:22AM
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Well done Haddock ,its a great board and easy to surf no matter what the conditions ..
even though I Have a v2 8'8 flow ,i still drag the placid out and really enjoy riding it ..enjoy your ride ,and hope you get to unlock the little live wire in it

here's a vid i made a while back ,if you missed it .

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3 Apr 2021 9:24AM
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3 Apr 2021 10:05AM
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Sweeeet Haddock! Stoked you found the transition so comfortable!
I love the view from your house

Ahhhh Tardy... you gave it away! Your surfing at the Bloody!
What a spot!!!

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3 Apr 2021 9:36PM
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Brave drop in board size. Good it worked out, though with a beauty like that you would have to work it out.

You will get the hang of facing the oncoming wave and using that yaw moment to turn and drop in.

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4 Apr 2021 3:55AM
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I got my 8'7 Placid back in January. Totally stoked!! The more you ride it, the more you'll like it!! I started riding it as a quad. Have now shifted over to thrusters that seem work even better in our surf and with my surfing style. Interested on what others are finding fin-wise. Bottom line... great board!


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"Just got a new board - Sunova Placid" started by Haddock