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Looking a replacing my 93 fanatic

Created by MarkKaddy 2 months ago, 15 Feb 2021
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15 Feb 2021 4:33PM
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Hi I am looking at Replacing my 9/3 Fanatic
length 93 / 30.5 inch
FU 13pwlt9312080048
I loved that board But after 3 years I given it a good beating , it is kevlar construction

I am !00 Kg been Supping for 13 years
Has anyone got a good replacement for this Excellent board ,
Should have bought 2 at that time

NSW, 6 posts
16 Feb 2021 11:00AM
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Hi Mark,

What they have done is taken that board and designed the board with a similar amount of volume in, a shorter, more lively package with new 2021 Prowave

8'8 x 30.5" x 121L.

Hope that helps!


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"Looking a replacing my 93 fanatic" started by MarkKaddy