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Looking to replace a Coreban Lithium.....

Created by mikesids > 9 months ago, 17 Feb 2015
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17 Feb 2015 7:07PM
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Have had a Coreban Lithium for the last year, absolutely love the manouevrability but just need a bit more stability. Has made me realise that the spots I surf at generally have a bit or a lot of wobble, so need more help from the board - spending more time falling off than catching waves becomes a drag after a while. Am 6'2 and 82kg, been Sup surfing for 2 years so no guru but have paid my dues on the West Coast of Auckland which ain't for the faint hearted at times.

Especially keen to hear from ex-Lithium owners - what did you change to? I want to get something that has the same feel on the wave ( real snappiness, and a solid tight carve) but just more stability in the line-up. Not a fan of super wide boards, or extreme looseness, prefer to surf rail to rail if possible. Piros, you were a big fan of these boards, what have you tried in the 120-130L range that has a similar feel to the Lithium?

Also keen to hear from anyone who has tried the new Coreban Platinum 8'10 and Platinum + 8'6 and knows the Lithium as well, and can share their thoughts.

Thanks in advance guys.


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"Looking to replace a Coreban Lithium....." started by mikesids