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Moving from Inflatable to hard board

Created by MJG 7 months ago, 29 Jan 2019
QLD, 4 posts
29 Jan 2019 8:02AM
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Pretty much a social flat water paddler. 5'7 and 75kg
Not looking for cutting edge performance or speed.
Currently have Red Paddle Co 10'6 as I had a small convertible and travelled a lot.
But now circumstances have changed, large 4WD and live walking distance to flat water and looking to buy a hard board.
Thinking 10'-11' 30in wide
Naish? JP? Bic? Suggestions/recommendations welcome
May venture to local Sunshine Coastl beaches but not for riding waves, only flat swell days

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29 Jan 2019 6:15AM
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Have a look at the 11-4 nalu

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29 Jan 2019 6:27AM
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I would buy a 12,6 tourer if you only paddle flat can go further faster and easier.

VIC, 826 posts
29 Jan 2019 9:56AM
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10-11 ft should do the trick and a Touring board would also be worth looking at, Naish, Sunova are good but my current obsession is Jimmy Lewis which has a better finish to their product imo. Sunova are said to be bullet proof and JL are pretty close with Naish not as much and the finished product is not quite as good, again in my opinion. If you get a timber Naish different story but the paint work is still not as good as JL or Sunova.

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29 Jan 2019 12:56PM
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SIC Saber 11-6.

But a 12-6 touring board would be a good idea, if you don't surf.


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"Moving from Inflatable to hard board" started by MJG