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New Board Day

Created by Mahanumah A week ago, 5 Oct 2021
VIC, 335 posts
5 Oct 2021 5:29PM
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Picked up these bad boys last week. Bloody awesome rides. Thanks Scotty McKercher for the great custom boards.

New shape for the Spitfire. Is this a V4?

The big one is an 8'7" x 29" @ 125l for me.
The little one is a 7'8" x 27.5" @ 85l for the little lady.

Now to get them dialed...

WA, 1209 posts
5 Oct 2021 3:20PM
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Nice looking sleds, love that tail shape - just screams speed and flow!

NT, 705 posts
5 Oct 2021 8:29PM
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Yep, a couple of absolute beauties there Mahanumah. How good are those two rippers!I reckon you'll be toey as a Roman sandal right about now man!!!

VIC, 478 posts
6 Oct 2021 6:24PM
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yew!! Enjoy guys!


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"New Board Day" started by Mahanumah