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New Starboard or a one off custom??

Created by SupaTrooper > 9 months ago, 6 Feb 2015
QLD, 241 posts
6 Feb 2015 10:23PM
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This board looks great, havent see it before and not on the starby website........take my money now...

NSW, 1240 posts
7 Feb 2015 6:19AM
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Very nice

QLD, 1297 posts
7 Feb 2015 10:28PM
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Starby gun.

Ali Cat
QLD, 1201 posts
8 Feb 2015 3:33PM
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gregc said..
Starby gun.

Spot's the link to the 2013 gun - but those graphics look like a 2014 version (which I can't find a link to).

WA, 7476 posts
8 Feb 2015 10:46PM
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I had the wood model of this board.
Awesome stick

123 posts
10 Feb 2015 12:11PM
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Didn't they make a 10'3 at one point?


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"New Starboard or a one off custom??" started by SupaTrooper