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New board Help

Created by Geoffy 22 days ago, 28 Feb 2019
NSW, 1 posts
28 Feb 2019 10:22AM
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Hi there,

Longtime reader, first time poster. Can anyone give me some advice on a good "all-round" surf-orientated SUP board? That catches fat waves that don't really break until they hit the beach. I already have a fanatic allwave 8'10' and a custom DTM 8'6". I mainly surf a shortboard/fish at a river-mouth wave that mainly works at low tide, but at high tide there are waves that just don't break and I'd like to use a sup to catch them. Lately a lot of foil guys have been surfing the fat waves. I'll also do some flat water paddling mainly on the river too, but generally want to use the new sup board in the fat/full surf. I'm looking at naish nalu, atlantis venom, sunova search, jimmy lewis hanalei or should I go a downwinder?

I've been surfing for 35years, so I'm very comfortable in the surf. I'm 1.75m tall and weigh 70kg.

Thanks in advance

VIC, 758 posts
28 Feb 2019 12:45PM
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Maybe look at JL Sidewinder which does DW, full waves, and at 14ft is very light. Or go a 12 ft board in any of the major brands you listed as a cross over option?


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"New board Help" started by Geoffy