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Pacifico Touring TUFF-TECH SUP

Created by AlistairH 7 months ago, 30 Jun 2018
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30 Jun 2018 2:40PM
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I'm interested in this as a stable recreational/fitness SUP with the ability to paddle out and back when it's windy.
I'm under 95kg, over 50 and have paddled for a few years, but I don't get out on a regular basis; the majority of my paddling is in the enclosed waters of the Swan river.

I recently demoed a touring SUP and 14x28 race SUP and felt that with limited paddle time, the touring SUP was the better option; this SUP is less than a foot shorter that the touring SUP.

Has anyone paddled this?

How does it handle chop in all directions?

How does it paddle into the wind?


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"Pacifico Touring TUFF-TECH SUP" started by AlistairH