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Paddle help needed.

Created by jbshack > 9 months ago, 5 May 2012
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5 May 2012 11:45AM
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OK so any suggestions for some good paddle help. I really think i have no idea on what to do and not. SO is it worth getting a lesson from someone from the start or should i perserver a bit more. I seem to paddle around the flat harbour fine but get into the ocean with a hint of forward and back motion and i go to kook central..

I am really keen to sort it out but have found the last few trips a little disappointing and think i may lose interest if not sorted sooner rather than later

I did watch one film on line from somewhere real cold and that was great. I also watched a lesson on a guy on a out of the water setup but that looked even more confusing

Were to start.

Oh i live north of the river, but can travel if something is going to work well..

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5 May 2012 12:02PM
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i read a good tip from hilly.

paddle, like your hugging a tree.

make sure your paddle isn't too long or short, slight bend in ze knees may also help

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5 May 2012 2:43PM
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I always tell people it's easier than it looks in the flats and harder than it looks in the ocean. When your learning ,even that slight movement of the ocean on tiny days can put you off balance. You'll be right.

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5 May 2012 2:51PM
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Hi Jbshack,

Paddle technique is imperative to getting the most from the sport. My initial introduction to the sport was what put me off for many years. When I got proper technique training, everything changed. It made me very passionate about making sure people learn the right way from the beginning.

We do proper structured paddle lessons and training in technique from beginner to advanced race, three days a week. You're welcome to come along with us. I guarantee we can teach you more than you need to know in one short lesson.

PM me for details if you like or call by the shop, you know where we are.



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"Paddle help needed." started by jbshack