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Quickblade Trifecta Vector Net paddle

Created by JEG 6 months ago, 12 Mar 2019
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12 Mar 2019 1:53PM
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both are vector net blade size 86sq (blue/white & red/yellow). One is oval tapered carbon shaft and the other round tapered carbon shaft.

the negative - it is a very expensive paddle.
Would I buy another quickblade, yes one day and it would be the vdrive.

the reason I choose this hybrid combo of vector net blade with tapered carbon shaft is that I wanted more flex than full carbon paddle.

I use the tapered round shaft on flatwater/calm/surf race board and the oval tapered shaft on down breeze/long distance race board. Both oval & round shaft cut to 72 inches, the round weight 410g and oval 500g.

the grip is a preference thing, the T shape handle does give you a feeling of a better grip on the handle. The quickblade palm handle is one of the best as some are bulky or wrong shape.

the water entry and exit of the blade is butter/smooth it just feels good though at 80kg the 86sq blade is not the most powerful. Is it because of the high aspect shape or the vector net flex material and I could do with the next size up 96sq blade though my body may not like it long term.


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